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A 12-week child care training program for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in starting a home daycare business is among topics of this week’s free webinar presented by the Small Business Development Center at CSU Bakersfield.  
Guest host, Maureen Buscher-Dang is joined by Crystal Quiñones, Lead Coach of Nurture, a nonprofit that works with community-based organizations, small business development centers, and child care resource and referral agencies. Quiñones provides details on an upcoming 12-week child care course that will provide training, mentoring and grant assistance for new startup home daycare businesses. Set to begin Sept. 18 in English and Spanish, the program is available at no cost through the Central CA SBDC network service area. 
Buscher-Dang is also be joined by Israel Lara Jr., outreach specialist with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Fresno District. Lara discusses online steps for EIDL repayments, how to handle identity theft related to EIDL, and what to do if there are problems paying. 
Economist Mark Evans, an emeritus professor from CSUB joins the webinar with a look at the California Department of Finance’s recently released demographic projections and what they may mean for the state. 
This marks the 289th episode of the weekly “Webinar Wednesday” business series that provides news and information helpful to employers and business owners. 
The CSU Bakersfield SBDC provides free one-on-one consulting to help small business owners. New and existing businesses can sign up for assistance by clicking here!
TIMESTAMPS Link in bold blue below is where Crystal Quiñones begins to speak 
00:00 Intro 
00:32 Coming Up on Webinar Wednesday 
00:56 What’s up today August 30, 2023 
02:00 Free Human Resources Hotline for Employers 
02:50 Bakersfield Foodservice Management Program 
03:08 2nd Annual Youth Entrepreneurship Education Summit – Sept. 15 
03:58 Maureen introduces today’s first guest speaker, Israel Lara Jr., outreach specialist with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Fresno District. 
04:28 Israel Lara, Jr. begins to speak 
04:49 Israel Lara begins his PowerPoint Presentation 
05:50 Small Business Administration Fresno District areas served 
06:01 Loan Repayment 
06:54 Loan Repayment Date 
07:15 Introducing the New MySBA Loan Portal 
07:39 MySBA Loan Portal – SBA Borrower Instructions Overview 
08:19 MySBA Loan Portal – Create, Authenticate, Access 
08:34 What you need to create your MySBA Loan Portal 
09:09 How to create your MySBA Loan Portal – Register 
11:17 Verify E-mail Address - click on verification link in email to authenticate 
11:30 Log In with your MySBA credentials to continue 
11:44 Access your MySBA Loan Portal Account 
12:11 Loan Accounts 
12:42 Loan Summaries 
13:34 Statements 
13:56 Tax Forms 
14:17 Payment History and Payment Activity 
14:28 Messages 
15:04 Customer Support 
15:42 Have a question about your loan? 
16:05 Instructions for COVID-19 EIDL EIN Borrowers 
17:10 Report identity theft to SBA 
17:29 Resource Partners 
18:56 FAQs 
20:09 Maureen introduces Webinar Wednesday resident economist, Dr. Mark Evans 
20:25 Dr. Evans begins his presentation: Incorporating Population Projections in Business Planning & Fed Watch Update 
21:25 2022-2040: Slowing Population Growth 
21:53 2040-2060: Population Decline 
23:00 Dependents per Working Age Adult 0.73 → 0.84 
23:44 Data Sources 
23:52 Population decline & the “boiling frog” parable 
24:37 Necessity: Mother of Invention & Innovation 
26:33 Consumer Expenditure Survey U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
27:04 Fed Watch / Macroeconomic Update 
28:28 Maureen introduces Crystal Quiñones, Lead Coach of Nurture 
29:02 Crystal Quiñones begins to speak 
29:29 Crystal Quiñones begins her presentation: Financial Security & Economic Mobility for Child Care Entrepreneurs 
29:52 What problem are we trying to solve? Child Care Sector Market Failure 
30:40 How can we solve it? 
30:51 Why focus on home-based child care? 
33:45 How do we accelerate child care business incubation? 
34:15 Core approach 
35:49 What is it like to grow with Nurture? 
35:59 Self-paced learning & group support 
36:13 One-on-one responsive coaching 
36:40 Access to capital 
36:50 Watch videos, explore resources, reflect on options 
37:05 Apply what you learn using interactive tools 
37:48 Decisions and commitments become your business plan 
38:14 Weekly one-hour meetings anchor content 
38:47 Flexible, responsive coaching supports persistence 
39:07 Start-up grants, emergency grants, zero-interest loans advance equity 
39:36 Content is divided into courses 
39:46 Current opportunity  
40:52 Frequently Asked Questions 
43:10 Learn more 
44:03 Enrollment Pathway 
44:31 Explore Child Care Entrepreneurship 
45:23 Find a Course and Sign Participation Agreement 
46:06 Social Media Campaign Material in English & Spanish 
46:19 Downloadable Flyers in English & Spanish 
46:27 Maureen rejoins Crystal for discussion, plus Questions and Answers with Attendees   
English French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish

Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration and a Grant with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. All opinions, conclusions, and/or recommendations expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA or the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. Contact the California SBDC closest to you.